Contesting A Will


Galluzzo Lawyers understand the complicated and sensitive issues that can arise should an individual feel that they are unfairly left out of a loved one’s Will. You only have a limited time to contest a Will, so it is crucial that a lawyer is sought out as soon as possible.

If your enquiry relates to contesting a Wil or defending a Will, Galluzzo Lawyers can assist you. Many Wills are not legally binding and a court can make orders to redistribute the Estate to pay moneys where people have been unreasonably left out, or are not adequately provided for in the circumstances.

Broadly speaking, individuals which the law recognises as capable of claiming from an Estate include:

  • If you were married or were in a de-facto relationship to the person who made the Will
  • If you are a child (both biological or adopted) of the person who made the Will,
  • If you are the ex-spouse of the person who made the Will
  • If you are a grandchild of the person who made the Will
  • If you lived with the person who made the Will for some period of time and you were dependent upon. This typically includes stepchildren.

Should you feel you have been unfairly left out of a loved one’s Will, or that an individual is unfairly attempting to claim an interest in a loved one’s Estate, Galluzzo Lawyers can also assist in negotiation and, if necessary, litigation needed to settle these complicated and often sensitive matters.

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